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Development status of activated crystal industry

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In the past twenty years, the photoelectron industry in China has developed from 30% to 60%, and the research and development of crystal materials is the precursor and foundation of photoelectron technology development, so it has broad prospects for development. As an important optoelectronic material, laser crystals have been widely used in scientific research, industrial production and military to civilian applications. In recent years, due to the development of new laser crystal and the emergence of all solid state laser, nonlinear frequency doubling, difference frequency, parametric oscillation technology, laser wavelength by using laser crystal has been involved in the UV, visible to infrared region, and has been successfully used in many fields of military technology, space exploration, medical and chemistry.

In our country, the time of laser crystal research is earlier, the research and development foundation is relatively solid, and the talent reserve is more abundant. At present, our country is engaged in the basic research of laser crystal materials are mainly professional research institutes, universities and some units for the implementation of civilian production or production enterprises for the implementation of a small amount of research results of industrial production and the establishment, including physical and Chemical Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences under the Fujian material structure research institute and Shanghai Institute, Shanghai Institute of Portland China, electronics technology group eleven other subordinate research institute, Harbin Institute of technology and other research institutions and Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Chengdu Dongjun laser thunder strong company research and production enterprises. These units are different in the laser crystal materials and devices characteristics, has trained a group engaged in the photonic crystal materials and devices research staff, also made a series of breakthroughs in key technologies, such as solving the slab laser crystals of large size high efficiency semiconductor pump life and processing technology; through the development of high efficiency laser crystal light material, adhesive, bonding crystal and laser device, improve the crystal quality related and other means, to achieve the full solid laser efficiency etc.. Using this series of achievements, we have initially established the laser processing and medical equipment industry with our own characteristics and independent intellectual property rights.

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