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What is piezoelectric crystal?

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There's a very interesting kind of crystal that, when you squeeze it or stretch it, it has a different charge on both ends. This effect is called the piezoelectric effect. Can produce crystal called piezoelectric effect piezoelectric crystal. Crystal (a-quartz) is a well-known piezoelectric crystal. The common piezoelectric crystal and sphalerite, boracite, tourmaline, Zincite, GaAs, barium titanate and its derivatives of KH2PO4, NaKC4H4O6, 4H2O, crystal sugar (Luo Xiyan), etc..

The piezoelectric electronic material after silicon, used in the manufacture of electronic components selection and frequency control, widely used in various fields of electronic information industry, such as color TV, air conditioning, computer, DVD, wire communication, especially the growing application in high performance electronic equipment and digital equipment. Low etch channel density piezoelectric crystal is necessary for production of SMD film, mobile phone chip frequency frequency. Piezoelectric crystal products are the main varieties: Z rod, Y rod, sheet thickness, frequency slice.

Piezoelectric effect of crystals

When some of the crystals along a certain direction by external force, the internal causes the polarization of the charged particle relative displacement occurs, resulting in charge equal to the size of opposite sign in the crystal surface; when the external force is removed, restored to the uncharged state. The crystal stress generated by the amount of charge and the external force is proportional to the size of the. This phenomenon is called piezoelectric effect. On the contrary, if the electric field is applied to the crystal, the crystal will produce mechanical deformation in a certain direction; when the electric field is removed, the deformation will disappear. This phenomenon is called the inverse piezoelectric effect, also known as the electrostrictive effect.

Principle of piezoelectric effect

The piezoelectric reason is related to the crystal structure. The superposition of positive and negative charge centers leads to the separation of electric dipoles, which leads to different charges in both ends of the crystal in particular directions.

The common characteristics of piezoelectric crystal: crystal point group (symmetric) no center of symmetry.

In the 32 point groups of the crystal, the 21 point groups do not have the symmetry center, but the crystal of the point group 432 does not show piezoelectricity, so the crystal of the 20 point groups has piezoelectricity.

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