Company Profile

ANHUI CRYSTRO CRYSTAL MATERIALS CO.,LTD. is special in  R&D crystal science and technology company,business mainly concentrated in high-tech crystal materials research and development, manufacturing and multi-domain solutions. Services include: communications, aerospace, automotive, medical and so on.                              

CRYSTRO will develop a widewide services, and establish a global sales network in the next two years to provide high quality crystal products and solutions for customers. 

Crystro  has many  automatic equipments to pruduce crystal, the products are mainly concentrated in  TGG, Nd:YAG, GGG, Ce:GAGG products, the application of advanced manufacturing technology process reduce the energy consumption to ensure sustainable development.                                                

Crystro established a crystal research and development center and developping diferent kinds of crystals. Crystro also provide technical support and training services to new customers as well as new product development.